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When you consider it, the rod is more a magic wand that launches your offering to some wonderful fish or casting target. It’s the cornerstone of the delivery system that connects the beginning of an adventure that might start in your home or office and end on a shimmering flat or ocean seam halfway across the earth.
The quality of the rod is quite important…almost as important as your selection of the right rod and rod action for YOU! We do NOT ALL SHARE THE SAME CASTING LEVEL OR TECHNIQUE! Owning the most technical rod on the shelf will not necessarily make you a good or better caster!!! The threshold question is not how much you can afford to spend on a rod? is simply, how should you spend your money on a rod?
Rods featured here vary in technical attributes and componentry…If you are uncertain about rod selection, please contact me or if you need immediate assistance phone 1 888 451 0363 for some serious, professional one on one stirring of the cauldron!

 Please do not spend big money on a rod and then pray for a miracle!





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