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Before there was ever a Yeti Cooler Company there was a strong bond between the young men who would later start the company and myself. We saw in one another a counterpoint of sorts that has lasted through many years and has seen Yeti Coolers set the bar in the field of outdoor ice retention. Their success has merely been a perfect reflection of their commitment to absolute excellence and their ability to quickly run with concepts in which they believe.


It has been my very great pleasure to have been in the lives of the Yeti Family!

Yeti Coolers

Temple Fork Outfitters

Rick Pope, founder of Temple Fork Outfitters, has been among my best and oldest friends. His vision for TFO was seriously doubted by the fly fishing industry until its eyesight caught up with his own. TFO now produces the finest tackle on the market with serious input from the best casters and anglers in the business.


There is not another company that relies as heavily as TFO upon its advisory staff…the results speak for themselves!!!

Hell's Bay Boatworks

Leader in the world of technical poling skiffs…The company which gave rise, not only to a product line, but to a lifestyle and spawned a fraternity of proud and dedicated owners who gather annually to enjoy one another, share a day of fishing and wonderful food.


There’s a rumor on the tom toms that Hells Bay Boatworks has a bay boat prototype locked away in their secret laboratory and plans an unveiling at an upcoming boatshow….

Fish Hippie

In the 1960’s I actually was a Hippie... ‘then I sort of became a “Fishing Hippie” through the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s...’now, lo and behold, in the 2000’s, there’s actually a company called “Fish Hippie” and they make wonderful outdoor and indoor wear, not only for us Old Hippies, but for ya’ll as well!

Join me and visit their site. You’re fixin to get real comfortable!!!

Costa Del Mar

Dedication to quality and functional design has paved the way for Costa, from a small, local operation to a leader in the eyewear market. Their dedication is not limited to their products, but extends to their presence in making the world aware of issues and conditions, around the world, that are of critical concern. To get a feel for what Costa means to the industry one need only attend a trade show and visit the Costa booth (actually a small city) … the heart beat of any venue!

Raymarine Electronics

I’ve consulted for a great number of companies over many years. Normally a product is released to market and the consultant or advisor is THEN asked what he or she thinks of the product. My experience with RayMarine has been remarkable, in that they actually would like to know what advisors think BEFORE the product is on shelves.

Designers spend long hours with those in the field who use RayMarine products before consumers get a glimmer of what the final product may be.

"Part of the Team", was the very first feeling I had when I began with Cortland a couple of years gone by.......'and that has been the very least of it! Watching Cortland reinvent the cutting edge of fly lines, monofilament and braids has been a great adventure and learning experience. To have been able to contribute, in a very small way....'a GREAT privilege.

A wonderful benefit, has been spending time in the woods and on the water with John Wilson and Brooks Robinson....two friends I would never have known but not for Cortland!

Cortland Lines

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