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Welcome Aboard!

Who in the world would have ever thought that I’d have a web-site??......I was the guy who believed that the internet would fail miserably!


Miraculously, I’m here, and very glad that you chose to drop in for a visit. Now that you’re here you’ll get a chance to meet some of my friends, find out what they and I will be up to in months to come, get a peek at some of the exotic destinations that we’ll be visiting, and see the schedule of shows and events that I’ll be attending this year.


You will also find links to products that I’ve invented or endorse, companies that I work with, guides that I’ve spent time on the water or in the woods with and some writings that I think you may enjoy.


Please leave your name and some information with me and I’ll stay in touch with you regarding HIGH ADVENTURE !


Great Tides,




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