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Flip's Videos


Here is where we'll be putting up videos...both old and new.....that you might find of interest. We have some pretty cool stuff lined-up for this page so check back often.

1. "Uncharted- The History of Hell's Bay Boatworks"

2. "The Keepers of the Flame"

3. Cool piece that Yeti put together......

4. Deepwater Cay a few years back....

* Note: the fly featured in this video should soon be for sale on the website. We'll put a link up here when it is. Full selection of Flip's Flies on the way.

5. "Good friend, and talented film maker, JJ Slater produced this happy little pilot for a project that Chevrolet is considering...With his permission, and hopes that it grows legs, I'm sharing it with you..."

6. Back in November of last year, Flip was inducted into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame. Here is a video that they posted on YouTube about him and the induction.

7. "Fix Florida" by Costa and narrated by me. May be the most important video we EVER post. Hop on over to the Blog for more info and a link to where you can get involved. We need your help!

8. "If you don't get involved, you're letting it happen"- Flip

9. "My buddy Brian has a few spots open on his Redfish Trip in October. I've been to Woodland...he ain't lyin'"- Flip

Click Here for the details and be sure to give him a call if interested- 614-451-0363.

10. Campfire Stories with Flip and Don Davis talking about longbow legend Monty Moravec.

11. A little short on fly selection. Stay tuned as we prepare to launch "Flip's Flies" here on the website.

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