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Flip's Product Showcase


Every so often,  we'll be highlighting a product that I think deserves special attention and I'll try and explain why.....

February 2016- Yeti Hopper 40

Everybody knows about the Hoppers by now and how 'killer' a product they are. they have introduced the Monster 40 version. This is one product that I highly encouraged them to make....and now you can buy one right here....from me!!!


                                 Check out the Yeti Hopper 40

February 2016- Manley Pliers

I've seen all the fancy stuff out there and have decided that the adage, "Back to the Future ", most certainly applies to fishing pliers!!!

   I got my first pair of dedicated fishing pliers in the last of the 1950's. They were the small size, Sargent, fishing pliers...and I bought them because the offshore charter captains and mates all carried them on their belts in leather scabbards. I later learned that the chartermen along the Florida Keys used them as well. It was no accident that they, to a man, did.

   The jaws of these pliers were parallel and had tremendous mechanical advantage and did not slip off the work. They had terrific side cutters that were tough enough to cut wire and could cut monofilament tag ends up real close!

   Eventually, the Sargent Company quit making the small size pliers and the task was taken up by the Manley Company...who made some improvements (which actually were improvements) and the product is simply the finest, most reasonably priced, convenient fishing plier on the market today...No doubt!!!

   So impressed with the pliers am I, that I had a supply of fabulous scabbards made by a saddle smith, just for the Manleys', and they're available here on the site.

March 2016- Yeti Ramblers

A couple of days ago, on a turkey hunt, someone in camp noticed me drinking coffee from my RAMBLER..."I don't need a fancy, expensive cup to enjoy my mornin coffee", he muttered.

   His statement reminded me of the day that UPS delivered one of the very first Rambler prototypes to my door. Only a small handful of folks knew about the project and even fewer had seen one.

   Since that day, countless Ramblerfulls of HOT coffee have made it into my skiff, airboat or deer blind...and iced tea...can't count that either!!!

   So the guy in turkey worries, some will never experience the of sipping hot or cold drinks hours or more after they're made. And me...I'll just continue to enjoy that old Rambler prototype till they decide to send me a shiny, new one as backup...I hate tepid coffee!!!!!!


Truly one of the finest products that we sell here on this site!!!!!- Flip


YETI Ramblers in stock NOW!

















CLICK HERE to get your hands around a Yeti Rambler, Colster or Lowball 

April 2016- Mangrove Leader Wallet

Now, more than ever before in the history of fly fishing, leaders are critically important in the fly delivery system. Fish species specific fly line tapers deliver energy in different ways and it is up to a well designed leader to translate that energy through itself and to the fly. 


Such leaders are simply not available “off the shelf”…and if you want to be a hero, you must build them yourself (the subject at another time).


The components and tools needed to construct proper leaders are many, varied and have always been painful to organize and keep track of…’until Lefty and I came up with the MANGROVE LEADER WALLET. A wallet in which you can carry EVERYTHING needed to build any conceivable fly leader (including bite tippets).


Nothing in the fly fishing equation is as important as the leader system…and nothing is better suited to keep it all at hand than the TFO, Mangrove Leader Wallet!


















CLICK HERE to get your own Flip/Mangrove Leader Wallet (now sold in the green color)

June 2016- TFO Impact Fly Rods

You've read what I've had to say about this unique family of rods both here on this website as well as my Blog. Now read what TFO Chairman Rick Pope has to say about them as well......then come back to buy one!!!!


Read more about the Impact HERE!


Check them out/Purchase HERE!

July 2016- Yeti Hoppers- Field Tan

One of my favorite products from Yeti and one that I inspired them to make! Now available in the Field Tan/Blaze Orange color. It's proving to be wildly popular. 



Please note that the Hoppers have now changed for Spring 2017- we should have the new ones up soon.

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