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Manley 6.5" Super Pliers

Manley 6.5" Super Pliers
  • For the serious big game or blue water fisherman, the familiar Manley Spring Loeaded Super pliers in the 6 1/2" size.

    The big thing is that the jaws are parallel. The close together in a straight line...thus giving the best purchase possible on whatever you are gripping. They don't "push" it out the tips!!! These pliers stay sharp cutting wire and braid long after other brands are thrown away.

    Super Pliers are available with the popular black oxide coating and vinyl plastisol grips. Daily fresh water rinse and oil will ensure years of service.

    Tested from St. Thomas to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia....and of course here in Florida.

    Manley 6 1/2" Spring Loeaded Super Pliers available here alone or with the Manley belt clip sheath.