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The Flip Pallot Hi-Vis Fly Line is back!!! For those of you who know us or have fished with us before, you know how excited we are about this. Truly our favorite fly line of all-time for all-around saltwater fishing but also using this on bass and freshwater stuff locally as well. Not to mention, they "upped the orange" on this making this the most visible fly line EVER. 


Designed by the legendary Flip Pallot, Cortland's new HI-VIS FLIP fly line is highly visible and excels in both short and long-range casts. The short powerful taper profile allows the line to load the rod in tight and carry energy through the leader when it’s needed to reach out at distances. This multipurpose line is built for the angler targeting a variety of species.


WATER: Saltwater (although very suited for warm sweetwater fishing as well)
LINE: Floating
LENGTH: 100ft
CORE: Monofilament

• Highly Visible- orange head and white running line
• Loads Quickly
• Short Belly Taper


The Cortland Hi-Vis Flip Line comes in weights 6-11.

Cortland Hi-Vis Flip Fly Line

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